BLANCO is not just a design line, is a journey through time.

ph Marcello Merenda

Symbol par excellence of the Baroque and Rococo, the plaster has reached high levels of expression, becoming the classical figurative art.

 Own goal of its creator is then reassemble pieces of that time in a modern and design. Processing, this artist, who is the "nostalgic look at the past" a valuable support to the new contemporary creations.

 The line Blanco is expressed in furnishings such as tables, console and stools, all made exclusively by hand, therefore unique in their appearance and clean shape.

 Old capitals, cornices, rosettes, recovered from abandoned houses and workshops of artisans chalk, artfully assembled in a casting resin become the chic touch of those who while loving the clean lines of the design of our time can not leave the refined curves of a period cultured and elegant.


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